Language Services

Correction and Editing of Texts in Spanish

In today's world, written communication is a fundamental requirement for any individual or organisation. A well-written message, whatever the language, will always project an image of professionalism and will convey the desired information without ambiguities.

In Urgull Proofreading, we will help you produce writing in Spanish as if it were your own language.

Translation Spanish-English-Spanish

Although our specialty is correcting and editing texts in Spanish, we can also translate any document from Spanish into English or from English into Spanish. These translations are done by professional translators and are always reviewed by native speakers of that language.

Our English translation service includes a proofreading in the original Spanish text before translating it into English.

Proofreading of Technical Texts

We are specialists in the correction and editing of technical documentation. Among our proofreaders, there are engineers from various disciplines. Submit your papers with the most professional look!



Changes in Spelling Rules

The latest changes published by the Royal Academy of Spanish Language aim at more consistency in the application of these spelling rules.


Other news

The Spanish Language

Spanish, also known as Castilian, is the second language in the world by the number of native speakers. It is the official language in twenty-one countries and has some official status in Andorra, Belize, the USA, the Philippines and Western Sahara. Its importance in the modern world is increasing.